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Exploration of Authentic Identity Interwoven in Plot of The Rogue Scorpion

Canadian author, Lynda Faye Schmidt, launches her next women’s literary fiction, The Rogue Scorpion , on April 23rd in partnership with OC Publishing. This will be the third novel we've published together. The Healing was published in 2021, and The Holding - Prequel to The Healing, came out in 2022. As with her previous books, Schmidt’s latest novel takes the main character, Isabella, on a journey to find inner strength along the path to true love. Will Isabella discover the spiritual fulfillment she is searching for? Or, will a series of challenging events cause her to stop trusting forever?        “ The Rogue Scorpion had me captivated from the first page to the last page,” said Karen Dean, bestselling author of We Are Unbreakable . “Lynda Faye Schmidt weaves so much emotion and adventure in her storytelling that you can’t help but wonder what will happen next.”       The Rogue Scorpion is the story of Isabella Ricci, an artist with an adventurous spirit and a deep desire to