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Plotters Versus Pantsers

Are you a Plotter or a Pantser? Some people stand firmly in one camp or the other, with heels dug deeply into the ground, never straying to the ‘other side’. Plotters have their favorite plot planner and stroke it lovingly each time a new book idea is brewing. This sleek, well-groomed animal is probably a linear, left-brained writer, meticulously researching details and filling out a character chart before even typing ‘Chapter 1’. The Pantser paces distractedly, sort of hyena-like, bolting when an idea strikes or quietly basking Photo from by Anankkml in the sun, contemplating and daydreaming while complex scenes play out in her head. A pantser writes by the seat of her pants and scowls each time she walks by the blank plot planner hanging on the wall. She’s most likely a right-brained, character-driven writer. My name is Anne and I am a Pantser! At my recent novel writing retreat , I boldly announced that I am a ‘pantser’. Even though I shared

Inspiration Comes From the Strangest Places

When I sat down to think about where inspiration comes from the first thought that came to my mind was, hunger. Well, it was past noon and my body was telling me that it was time to put some nourishment into it. So, even though the fingertips were gently pulsing, anticipating the feeling of euphoria as an idea takes shape, I took a quick break to answer the stomach’s gnawing demand. The fingers were introduced to the sweet and oft times aggravating feeling of anticipation. Once satiated, I was able to concentrate on the bigger picture. I believe a huge part of inspiration comes from the manifestations of human emotion due to internal and external stimulation and the senses that are triggered by those emotions.   That’s a little cerebral so I’ll drill down just a bit. It’s the Simple Things – The External As I was sitting on my balcony one sunny morning, listening to the birds in the trees and sipping my coffee, a slight movement out of the corner of my eye caught my att

Ever Contemplated Your Life Loops?

Well, Happy New Year! I've had a very long hiatus, visiting family and friends over Christmas and am back! While I was home, I had the pleasure of attending a TEDxWomen event at my alma mater in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Mount Saint Vincent University . I was able to snag a ticket because I'm an alum and I felt very proud sitting in the audience listening to the inspirational talks that the local organizers had lined up. Here is my favorite I'd like to share with you. The funny and very talented, Holly Carr with 'Life Loops' (make sure you watch it in full screen): Hope you enjoyed Holly's message... and talent! I'll be back soon with more on my writing and self-publishing adventures. I have lots to share :)