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Scotia Sinker Author, Alison DeLory, Shares her Writing Secrets

It gives me great pleasure today to interview my new favourite children's book author, Alison DeLory. I must admit, I'm a bit biased as Alison and I have known each other for years, both did public relations at Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, NS (where she now teaches) and even shared an office during a PR co-op work term! Her first children's book was Lunar Lifter and she is now celebrating the recent launch of her second, Scotia Sinker. As Alison explores this new genre, she continues her work as a university professor, freelance writer, editor and communications consultant.   Here's a look into Alison's writing life:  Alison DeLory, author, editor, teacher Tell us a little bit about your new book, Scotia Sinker In Scotia Sinker, Cameron, 10, and Erin, 6, take a new adventure in their gigantic cardboard box —transforming it with their "magic" markers into a small submarine that plunges them into the Atlantic Ocean. They're pull

Persistence is Tough

As I sat down to start writing this blog about being persistent, I mentally stumbled because, well… persistence is tough. Especially during the lull that inevitably comes after the flurry of a book launch. Actually, it’s not a lull, it often feels like a crash and burn! How can I write about persistence when all I want to do is hide away and curl up with a good book? Love those Sugar Highs It’s like the crash after a sugar high. My new book, Deep Deceit , came out with a bang! It reached the Kindle Top 10 in mystery/suspense on during launch week. Heady stuff. The problem is, there’s no way, other than huge sales or continuous free downloads, to keep it there. But, the idea ultimately is sales, right? My book is in a very popular genre so I’m competing with some heavy hitters, but I persevere. Helpful Resources I read self-publishing and marketing books voraciously. One I read a while back and pulled out again recently is called Let’s Get Visible by David Ga