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Children's Author Launches Moonling Adventure on December's New Moon

  On the new moon, December 14, we will be launching Houston-based author, Diann Floyd Boehm's fifth children's book (the fourth in the Little Girl in the Moon series), Moonling Adventures-The Serengeti . "In this adventure, exciting things are happening in Tycho Town," said Diann. "When I do classroom visits, so many kids ask me, 'Isn't there a Little Boy in the Moon?' So, in this book, we introduce the Little Girl in the Moon's best friend, the Little Boy in the Moon, and their smart Moonling dogs, Shadow and Lola."  Moonling Adventures-The Serengeti is the first Moonling Adventure and the second time that Diann has teamed up with her daughter, Katherine Louise Boehm, to create the illustrations and design for her books.  Diann hopes that the book will inspire young and old to visit their nearest observtory and enjoy the wonders of space and Earth's beauty. The author will be planning several launch celebrations in the New Year so vis