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Children's Author Launches Moonling Adventure on December's New Moon

  On the new moon, December 14, we will be launching Houston-based author, Diann Floyd Boehm's fifth children's book (the fourth in the Little Girl in the Moon series), Moonling Adventures-The Serengeti . "In this adventure, exciting things are happening in Tycho Town," said Diann. "When I do classroom visits, so many kids ask me, 'Isn't there a Little Boy in the Moon?' So, in this book, we introduce the Little Girl in the Moon's best friend, the Little Boy in the Moon, and their smart Moonling dogs, Shadow and Lola."  Moonling Adventures-The Serengeti is the first Moonling Adventure and the second time that Diann has teamed up with her daughter, Katherine Louise Boehm, to create the illustrations and design for her books.  Diann hopes that the book will inspire young and old to visit their nearest observtory and enjoy the wonders of space and Earth's beauty. The author will be planning several launch celebrations in the New Year so vis

Virtual Book Tour - Rachel Bohem's I Am NOT!

This Friday we will be launching Rachel Boehm's 'Brutally Honest' memoir, I Am NOT! We had always planned to do a virtual book tour but that would have been combined with some in-person events with the author... until the pandemic hit. So, we 'pivot' and do what we can. Rachel will be doing a vitural launch party sponsored by ALX Community and Alexandria Living Magazine and you are all invited to join! It will be June 26 (which is also International Self-Esteem Day) at 6 pm (Eastern time). The virtual blog tour will begin on launch day and will be ongoing so, any bloggers who would like to join in, leave a comment below or send me an email at Here's where Rachel will be featured in the coming weeks, along with links to other articles that have been posted pre-launch. We will update as new bloggers/reviewers come on board! Make sure you visit these blogs and sign up for their updates! I Am NOT! by Rachel Boehm - Virtual Book To

Regina Author Releases First Children’s Book at Age Eighty-Seven

In celebration of Book Lovers Day, Regina-based author, Jackie Arnason, will launch her first children’s picture book, Hambone – Why Pigs Have Curly Tails , on August 9, 2020, partner published with OC Publishing. The tale is one of many that Arnason made up for her children more than 50 years ago. “I started making up stories way back when I was a little girl,” said Arnason. “But when my children were very small I would be putting them to bed and they would ask me to tell them a story. An idea would just pop into my head and away we’d go.” Even though it’s a long time in the making, Hambone’s message is still relevant today. “Hambone, with some friends along the way, shows us that when we work together and show kindness to others we can all help each other on our journeys,” said Laura Shepherd, a literacy/numeracy specialist in Regina. When Arnason was a little girl growing up in Regina in the “Dirty Thirties” she was the eldest of seven children. Author,


I Am NOT! by Rachel Boehm, scheduled for publication on June 26, 2020 (International Self-Esteem Day), is a timely memoir that addresses age-old issues that continue to haunt youth, from bullying and body shaming to the often hidden emotional angst of disordered eating and body dysmorphia. “The more I try to break in, the more broken I feel,” says Boehm in one part of her memoir that early readers have called ‘brutally honest’ and ‘beautifully empowering.’ Boehm’s past struggle with body dysmorphia began at a young age and was further exacerbated while living in LA trying to ‘break in’ as an actor, which led to, “an unhealthy relationship with food.” At one point she became dangerously underweight and a frightening incident led her to seek professional help. “A flawlessly written memoir about the flaws that shape us into our authentic selves, this is a must-read for teen girls, moms of daughters, and any woman who knows the trials and tribulations of becoming her own her