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Guest Blog - Mari Barnes, Author of My Peace Place

I'm very pleased to host Mari Barnes today as part of her virtual book tour for her book, My Peace Place. Mari is participating in D'Vorah Lansky's Book Marketing Boot Camp , which is where we 'met'. Take it away Mari! Eye on the Why I read this recent post from a discouraged new author: My friends don't seem very excited about my new book. Does no one read anymore? I've sold 4 whole copies so far. That did more than ring a bell—it set a gong clanging in my mind. I remember those days too well. Some friends and family weren’t even reading gift copies of my book, much less actually spending money to support me. It created a hollow feeling unlike anything I can adequately describe but despair, disappointment and betrayal all come close. How could they not understand how important this is to me? Haven’t I bought every Girl Scout cookie--supported every sport, church and school fundraiser? When little Cindy Lou was selling crocheted key rings, who boug