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#MeToo Inspired Memoir Launches December 6 - International Day of Remembrance

Groping for Truth – My Uphill Struggle for Respect , a hard-hitting, unapologetic #metoo memoir, by  Ontario-based author, Montaha Hidefi, will launch on December 6, 2018, National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. At the first beat of the #metoo drum, Hidefi knew she had to tell her story. “Riveting, raw and authentic,” according to one reviewer, this memoir shows the transformation of a mistreated young girl and battered woman who refused to succumb to the cycle of violence. “It has been a roller coaster of all types of emotions,” said Hidefi, who was born and raised in Venezuela to Syrian immigrants, returned to Syria in her teens, and as an adult lived in the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands and now resides in Canada. “There were times when I could not continue writing or did not even want to remember the details of the events,” she recalls. “There are stories in the book that made me cry while I wrote them and even during the revisions.”

OC Publishing children’s book will launch in two languages

Author Angela Jeffreys I'm so excited to share that I've been working on a children's book with a new author that will launch on October 4, during Mi’kmaw History Month. Angela Jeffreys’ first children’s book titled, The Purple Frog, will be published in both English and in Mi’kmaw. The book was translated by Dr. Bernie Francis, a linguist from Membertou First Nation in Cape Breton, NS. “I have always felt a connection to the aboriginal cultures and am excited to have my book translated into Mi’kmaw and to provide copies to reserve schools throughout Nova Scotia,” said Jeffreys.   It’s a story of a smart, purple frog named Hubert who is bullied for being different. The author came up with the idea one night several years ago when she was putting her then five-year-old daughter, Amber, to bed and Amber asked her to make up a bedtime story. “I wondered what I could do that would be completely different from all her other storybooks,” Angela told me. “A

Launching the 3rd in Little Girl in the Moon Series on the Full Moon in June

--> I'm so excited to announce that OC Publishing children’s author, Diann Floyd Boehm, will launch the third in her popular Little Girl in the Moon series on June 28 th , the strawberry full moon.   “ The Little Girl in the Moon – Moxie & Tycho Town , continues with the overarching theme of the series, we are all more alike than we are different,” says Boehm. “This was a concept I was brought up with at home and at school. I believe that we can make the world a better place by seeing the good in each other and learning from one another. I hope that my books get this message across. ”     The second book in the series, The Big Idea , launched last year on UN International Day of Peace and, along with book one, has been well-received worldwide by children, parents and teachers. Boehm, who splits her time between Houston and Dubai, was featured on World Book Day recently as a visiting author at several schools in the United Arab Emirates. ‘‘All our chil