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@Home is where you are @peace

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind 10 days in Dubai, visiting friends and promoting my book @Home in Dubai .  A realization came flooding in as I was wined and dined, housed and loved by so many Dubai friends that, home is not only where the heart is (mine is spread all over the world) but also where you are at peace. The main purpose of my trip was to launch my book in Dubai by way of a book signing and coffee chat at my favorite coffee shop ( Central Perk ), where the manager I had met before when attending an event for Room to Read , welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to take over half the shop. I felt at home. Book signing at Central Perk I also took the opportunity to meet with book buyers from all the local bookshops (some of which are international). I was met with very encouraging words as they all forwarded sample copies to the National Media Council in Abu Dhabi, which must approve the book before it’s sold in the UAE.  I am hopeful that the approv

Dates...they grow on trees!

I've been back in Dubai a little over a week promoting my book, @Home in Dubai, and I'm staying in my old compound with a very dear friend.  She still uses Mohammed, the same gardener we both used while I lived in Dubai and it reminded me of a little story I wrote about one day when I pulled in my driveway and he was up in the palm tree in the front yard.  I thought I would share it for a little change of pace! Dates...They Grow on Trees! Our first summer living in Dubai brought with it the harvesting of dates.  What a novel idea.  I had never really thought about where dates come from.  I’m not a big date fan so I never had a burning desire to find out...and then one day… I drove into the driveway on hot and steamy day and saw Mohammed the gardener up on a ladder on one of my palm trees in the front yard.  I adore Mohammed.  He has a great smile and infectious laugh.  Every day he would come to take care of my yard he would greet me with a hand