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LinkedIn Etiquette: Is there such a thing?

  Miss Manners would be rolling in her grave…or, is she still alive? I have been enjoying the power of LinkedIn and recognize the value of being able to pre-qualify leads and target exactly the right company and person to pitch to.   It’s also a gold mine of great advice and opportunities to brainstorm with other experts in your field.   I belong to a few groups that are stellar (like Freelance Web Writers run by Paul Lalley).   Bottom line…I use LinkedIn, I enjoy it and it’s been a real incredible marketing and professional development tool for me. Developing Contacts But, it has its irritants.   For me, it’s people who don’t seem to know how to use it properly or at least don’t use common sense and good manners.   Maybe I approach it too old school and need to get with the program but I still feel that there should be some commonly accepted ground rules.   What do you think is the best way to develop new connections on LinkedIn?   Some people troll the 2 nd

Book Review - Expat Women: Confessions – 50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions About Living Abroad

Finally a way to let it all out among friends!  I have to admit, I found the title, Expat Women:  Confessions a little misleading.  The term “confessions” leads one to believe that there’s something scintillating or juicy “a la Desperate Housewives” but if you’re expecting wife-swapping and shop-a-holic stories you’ll be disappointed.  However, what you will find is page after page of sage advice from two women, Andrea Martin and Victoria Hepworth, who have “been there, done that” for years.  Each chapter highlights a question from a woman in the thick of all things expat, followed by an answer that is thoughtful, insightful and thorough that includes great tips and helpful suggestions.  The authors have backgrounds in HR and psychology and have both lived around the world.  They come to the table with an in-depth understanding of human nature and a boatload of empathy built from personal experience. In the introduction, expat author Robin Pascoe says, “remaining silent about your c