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Virtual Book Tour for The Holding - prequel to The Healing, by Lynda Faye Schmidt

Lynda Faye Schmidt's The Holding - a Prequel to The Healing , launched on April 23rd as a #1 New Release on Amazon and rave reviews that keep coming! Below is the line-up of some of the bloggers and reviewers who have joined in on the virtual book tour. Feel free to visit their blogs and take a look-see and we'll update the links as the tour progresses. If you're a reviewer and would like to join the tour, email me ( and I'd be happy to send you an ARC! February 21 - Fit for Joy - a preview, Discovering, Re-discovering & Re-defining the Meaning of Healing & Love March - Fit for Joy - listed as a "Must Read Healing Book"  March 21 - The Lily Cafe - author guest blog - Family is the Foundation of Resilience April 20 - Words from the Heart - book review - "A story woven with hope and healing" April 22 - Laura's Books & Blogs - author guest blog - Rock of Resilience and Scars that Fortify April 23 - The Author Jou