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Review: Book Marketing Success Bundle

I have been a huge fan and follower of Heather Hart and Shelley Hitz's blogs and books for a while now. Their warm and friendly approach draws you in and because they've been 'in the trenches' they anticipate every question that you have... even those you might have been afraid to ask! In my opinion, this is the best deal going for indie authors. The bundle takes you from concept to sales and the case studies give realistic examples that these authors have actually implemented, including their measured outcomes (good, bad, sometimes awesome and occasionally ugly). For those of us more visual learners, there are links to screen shots that take you step by step through certain, more technical processes. Even though my background is in PR and marketing, I came away with a long list of ideas to weave into my book marketing plans. Things change so often and rapidly in the industry today that you never really stop learning! In the first book, they include practical task

The Game of Switching Genres

It's almost a year since I launched my first novel and I'm furiously working away at finishing my second, while contemplating a third and outlining several non-fiction books. It reminded me of a guest blog I did during the launch last year and it still rings true so I guess I'm still a multi-genre writer... although my dream is to be a full-time novelist :) So, here are a few thoughts I shared as I was first entering the realm of fiction writing and still hanging on tightly to other non-fiction writing projects... Image from, Tao by Danilo Rizzuit On this the occasion of the launch of my first novel I pondered briefly on whether or not  I’ll be giving up the other writing I do… not a chance!    Mental Pause is my first novel but my first book was @Home in Dubai , a non-fiction, published traditionally by Summertime Publishing, and my second was a self-published e-book about doing your own PR, all of which I enjoyed writing equal