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Teen Novel Highlights Issue of Child Marriage in India

  The latest novel from Halifax-based author, Marcia E. Barss, Shanti Fights for Her Rights , is a fictionalized story based on the reality of the ongoing illegal practice of child marriage in India. It releases on February 21, partner published by OC Publishing. “Girls in rural India face many challenges because parents are not interested in investing in the education of their daughters,” said Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer Achanta, Founder of Tharuni, a non-profit in India working towards the empowerment of adolescent girls. “I have stopped many child marriages, but sometimes we don’t know the difficulties girls go through with their families. I am sure those who read this beautiful story will realise the ill effects of child marriages and try to support girls.”  The story follows fourteen-year-old Shanti who lives in a village in eastern India, where her parents work in the rice fields. She attends school in a town forty kilometres away and hopes to become a teacher. But while she is home