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Father-Daughter Bond in Prequel Sets Foundation for Protagonist's Resilience and Self-Healing

Studies have proven that the bond between a father and daughter has a direct impact on a child's future emotional well-being. The Holding (a prequel to The Healing ) by Lynda Faye Schmidt, launching April 23, chronicles the early years of protagonist Cate Henderson's life, setting the stage for the drama that unfolds in both novels.  "Lynda Faye Schmidt invites readers into a close examination of a life filled with troubles and triumphs. While Cate's journey holds surprises, what we ultimately see is how her scars fortify her," said Alison DeLory,  author of Making it Home . The Holding, based on real life experiences of the author, takes us back to the beginning, where Cate is born in a small prairie town in Canada, six weeks premature. The heart of this novel is the relationship that develops between Cate and her father, William, and how a father's devotion can instill a powerful sense of resiliency. Lynda Faye Schmidt "I'm delving into some very