Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Back to ‘Normal’ Routine

Morning Coffee... part of my writing routine
When you make a habit of straddling two countries sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what is ‘normal’.  Yesterday, as I sat on my balcony with my coffee and checked my emails I realized I was slowly getting back to ‘Thai normal’ after our summer in Canada.  No, the jet lag hasn’t completely gone away as I’m only into the fifth day of what is going to be an 11 day recovery process for me according to all the literature on how long it takes…. one day for every hour of time zone change… but we’re getting there.

As much as I’m an adventurer and love to travel, I also relish my routine and when it’s out of whack for any length of time, I go through a sort of withdrawal.  I'm now back at my desk, with my coffee and picture of my loving husband to my right and my trusty muse Zorro either to the left of me snoozing away on his ‘half’ of my desk or directly behind me so I have to pause to look around before I push my chair back.

Also to my right is the stack of notes and To Do’s for each of my clients.  Yes, they’re still handwritten in this crazy electronic age!  The feel of the paper being crumpled in my hand and tossed into the actual garbage can - or the ‘bin’ for my UK readers - under my desk because all of the items on it have been ticked off, gives me such great pleasure.  These must be prioritized in stacks of descending order of importance depending on deadlines: a blog tour plan, Twitter and Facebook update for one, LinkedIn profile for another and final changes for a freelance magazine article.  All is right in my world.

And, yes, I continue to query agents for my novel, Mental Pause.  I did promise to keep you updated with the progress and I’m tickled to report that I finally had one agent ask for the full manuscript after reading my query!  I guess that one was written right.  I’ve had others ask for two or three chapters but this is the first who has asked for the full manuscript following a query. I do write a fresh one every time depending on who the agent is, what they typically represent, the character of their agency and the requirements of their specific submission guidelines.  Of course, the synopsis is usually the same with a few tweaks (as it can always be improved)!  No word from her yet but I’ll keep you posted.

So, happy writing and feel free to share your quirky routines too.  It’ll make me feel better.   For now, I #amwriting (which is my favourite hashtag on Twitter - I'd love for you to join me there too @annethewriter).


Jeanette Andersen said...

I enjoy your blog, so have nominated you for the Super Sweet Award. If you want to participate, please go here at http://jeanettesandersen.blogspot.com/ and pick up the award button and the rules.

Angela said...

Hi Anne,
I too just returned from vacation and even though it's on the same time zone as the US, I still haven't "settled" yet. And like you, I miss my routine, although I love getting away from my day job. LOL. I love your blog and would be following you. Please follow me back.

Angela said...

I forgot to mention my writing blog is at http://angelasfreelancewriting.com.

Anne said...

Hi Jeanette... thanks for the nomination! I've been meaning to drop by and pick up my award button but have been swamped.

Angela, thanks for dropping by. I visited your blog too and really enjoyed it. Where in Fort Lauderdale was your writing conference? I lived there for 14 years and loved it! I was working in PR at the time so my 'routine' was up early, on the road to the office, work 10-12 hours, head home and drop into bed. I much prefer my new routine (but we did fit in lots of beach time, rollerblading and general frivolity too).

Roxanne Ravenel said...

What an amazing view! Would love to write with a view like that.