Thursday, 7 June 2018

Launching the 3rd in Little Girl in the Moon Series on the Full Moon in June


I'm so excited to announce that OC Publishing children’s author, Diann Floyd Boehm, will launch the third in her popular Little Girl in the Moon series on June 28th, the strawberry full moon. 
The Little Girl in the Moon – Moxie & Tycho Town, continues with the overarching theme of the series, we are all more alike than we are different,” says Boehm. “This was a concept I was brought up with at home and at school. I believe that we can make the world a better place by seeing the good in each other and learning from one another. I hope that my books get this message across.   
The second book in the series, The Big Idea, launched last year on UN International Day of Peace and, along with book one, has been well-received worldwide by children, parents and teachers. Boehm, who splits her time between Houston and Dubai, was featured on World Book Day recently as a visiting author at several schools in the United Arab Emirates.

‘‘All our children were totally mesmerized by The Little Girl in the Moon - The Big Idea. Diann has a wonderful aura that is so magnetic,” said Nosheen Saba, Librarian at Kings’ School Nad al Sheba. “She has been one of the most inspiring guest authors we have ever received, touching so many hearts!  We all loved Diann’s story time and can’t wait to welcome her back to our school again to learn about the characters in her new book The Little Girl in The Moon – Moxie & Tycho Town.”

Diann reading to a class as featured author in UAE during World Book Day

“I loved the illustrations because of all the bright and beautiful colours and I’m excited to find out what the illustrations will be like in the new book,” said eight-year-old Sebastian Kronnenberg.

The author, who enjoys abstract art, is also the illustrator of the series.

“In the first book the children loved how I used the phases of the moon to introduce the little girl who lives there,” said Boehm. “I’ve even heard that my artwork has given them the courage to try illustrating their own stories.”
Boehm says she’s even had parents call to thank her for inspiring their children. After a reading in one classroom a mother called and asked if she would have tea with her and her daughter, who now wants to be an author.
On days like that, I know my books are doing their job of making the readers smile and feel good inside,” said Boehm.
This book is particularly special to the author because she has entered into a creative partnership with a co-illustrator who happens to be her daughter, Katherine Louise Boehm. 
Katherine Louise Boehm
“I could have never dreamed when Katherine was born that a time would come that we would be working together on a book, much less illustrating together,” said Boehm. “She is an amazing artist. To work with her and have our relationship grow from mother/daughter to colleagues and collaborators has been a growth experience that I am enjoying immensely. I am always learning and inspired by her art, her techniques and her insights.”
In this book, the little girl narrates a tour of Tycho Town given by her dog Moxie.
“It's a fun way to introduce a new character, in this case a pet, and let the reader imagine what the little girl who lives in a crater on the moon looks like,” said Boehm. “The reader will also begin learning a part of the Moonling language.”
Diann Floyd Boehm

Boehm has more books planned for the series and says that the Tycho Town Observatory will play a major role in the next one.
All Little Girl in the Moon books, published by OC Publishing, are available online at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and Indigo/Chapters (Canada). Copies can also be ordered at local bookstores. For more on the author and illustrators visit,

Friday, 19 January 2018

Halifax Author Debuts Series of Children’s Bible Stories

I'm so pleased to announce the recent launch of Lily’s Secret, in celebration of The Feast of the Holy Family. Author, Cindy Tingley's first children's book tells the story of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, a little differently than usual. 

Lily’s Secret is the first in a series of children’s bible stories told from the perspective of Lily, the pint-sized donkey who carries Mary, heavy with child, to the manger where Jesus is born.

“What better time to launch a children’s bible story than immediately after the Christmas season?” asked Tingley. “When amidst the bluster of holiday shopping and office parties, it’s easy to forget the true meaning of the celebration and that it’s not just about one day.”

Lily’s Secret is the story of a little donkey named Lily, who has a secret. One day Lily is visited by an angel, who tells her of a child, a Saviour, who will be born, and Lily is the one chosen to take his mother, Mary, and her husband, Joseph, to Bethlehem.

Lily is frightened because she’s been told she’s too little to do anything important. She draws strength from her faith and overcomes her fears and self-doubt, to safely carry Mary and Jesus, the unborn child, to their destination, and beyond.

Lily’s Secret was first written almost 10 years ago but Tingley felt the timing was right to re-launch a revised edition of the book in preparation for her series.

“I hope Lily teaches people that no matter what the circumstance, no matter what life is throwing at you, no matter how small you are or how impossible it seems, things can always work out,” said Tingley.

Author, Cindy Tingley

Lily’s Secret is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble or can be ordered through local retail bookstores. For more information on OC Publishing visit

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Worker Rebellion in 1870s St Croix Inspires Debut Novel for Texas-Based Author

I'm excited to announce another book launch for OC Publishing! Apple Gidley's debut novel, Fireburn, launches today, the anniversary of the historical event that inspired the title. This historical fiction tells the horrors of a little-known, bloody period of Caribbean history.

“Informed by impeccable research and infused with a deep curiosity and love for the beauty and complexity of the West Indies, Fireburn is at times shocking, at times deeply moving and always engaging. Historical fiction of the highest class,” said Matthew Parker author of The Sugar Barons.

Weathering personal heartache, main character, Anna Clausen survives the worker rebellion on October 1, 1878, 30 years after Emancipation, as she challenges the conventions of the day and faces hostility from the predominantly male landowners.

According to Gidley, the idea for the novel came to her while attending an event on Saint Croix in celebration of Transfer Day when the United States bought the Danish West Indies in 1917.

“It was at the ceremony that I first heard about Fireburn, also known as The Great Trashing,” said Gidley. “I thought it would be fun, and interesting, to write a novel around the riot, looking at the event from different cultural perspectives.”
Gidley, who is also the author of Expat Life – Slice By Slice, is a global nomad who has lived in 12 countries and moved 26 times. Her nomadic life began immediately after she was born and continued into adulthood.

As a child she lived in England, Nigeria, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, and Papua New Guinea, where she met her husband. During her married life she has lived in Holland, Trinidad, Thailand, Singapore, Scotland, Equatorial Guinea and the US. She and her husband currently divide their time between Houston, Texas and Saint Croix, one of the US Virgin Islands.

As you can imagine, with homes in both Houston and St Croix, the weeks leading up to this book launch have been heart-wrenching for Apple as she herself, as well as friends and family were directly in the destructive path of hurricanes Harvey and Maria.

With such close connections to the island, Apple has decided to donate part of the proceeds from sales of her book to the St Croix Foundation fund set up for Maria restoration.

Fireburn is available in print and ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in select bookstores. Gidley will make an author appearance and sign books during launch month in Houston on October 12 at 5:00 p.m. at River Oaks Bookstore at 3270 Westheimer Road.

You can learn more about the author and her books at, follow her on Facebook at and on Twitter @expatapple.

About The Author
Apple Gidley, an Anglo-Australian author, whose life has been spent absorbing so many countries and cultures, considers herself a global nomad. She currently divides her time between Houston, Texas and Saint Croix, in the US Virgin Islands. She has moved 26 times, and has called twelve countries home (Papua New Guinea, Thailand, The Netherlands and nine others), and her experiences are described in her first book, Expat Life Slice by Slice (Summertime 2012).
Her roles have been varied - from magazine editor to intercultural trainer, from interior designer to Her Britannic Majesty’s Honorary Consul. Now writing full time, Apple evocatively portrays peoples and places with empathy and humour, whether writing travel articles, blogs, short stories or full-length fiction.

Apple enjoys the contrast between the vibrancy of Downtown Houston and the relaxed pace of the Virgin Islands, where the history of the islands fuel her interest in art and culture. Her blog A Broad View can be found at Follow her on Twitter @expatapple.


Thursday, 21 September 2017

Children's Book Launches with Message of Peace and Harmony

It's been a while since I've posted here and I'll share with you that's it's been a whirlwind year! I repatriated to Canada and am now living in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It's great to be back and to have a chance to create a whole new chapter in my life.

The new chapter was the start of my publishing company, OC Publishing. It's an exciting time and I'm thrilled to be launching two books this fall. Coincidentally, both authors I'm working with, Diann Floyd Boehm and Apple Gidley, are based part-time in Houston, so it's been a stressful time for them. I so admire their resilience and determination to keep the momentum going amidst such difficult times. But, we persevere!

Diann's book, The Little Girl in the Moon: The Big Idea, launches today, UN International Day of Peace.

Texas Author Launches Children’s Book Highlighting
Harmony Between Races on International Day of Peace

The series continues to present themes of social and life skills to children in preschool and elementary school. The first book talked about tolerance and inclusion and that people are more alike than they are different. The Big Idea’s underlying theme is cooperation and peace.

A former schoolteacher, Boehm says the idea for the series came from ‘the angels’.

“I have so many story ideas and have been a story-teller for as long as I can remember,” she said. “When you teach preschool and kindergarten you’re always telling the kids stories to help them calm down, make them happy or bring them back to focus.”

Boehm shares that she wasn’t happy with how the world has so much ugliness in it and believes that more happiness is needed in the universe.

“What better time than International Day of Peace to launch The Big Idea?” asked Boehm, who splits her time between Houston and Dubai. “The book is all about wishing for harmony and peace on earth and to remind people to calm down, take a deep breath and look for the beauty and innocence in the world.”

As Boehm contemplated the storyline, she envisioned a little girl in the moon who wished she had a magic wand that could give faith, hope, joy, and love that would lead to peace and harmony for everyone.

“Contagiously positive messages are at the heart of Diann's books. While The Little Girl in the Moon comes from Diann's imagination, I know her commitment to helping others is real and proven,” said Toni Maloney, Co-founder and CEO of Bpeace (Business Council for Peace). “She has volunteered with Bpeace for years and I've shared Diann's books with both children and adults who love her themes of friendship.”

The theme for the 2017 International Day of Peace is “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All” and Boehm will be promoting that message, along with other individuals and organizations, on book launch day and on an ongoing basis.

The Little Girl in the Moon – The Big Idea is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Visit for more information. Follow the author on Facebook at or on Twitter at

Diann Floyd Boehm


Apple's book, Fireburn, is scheduled to launch on October 1. It's available for pre-order on AmazonBarnes & Noble and Kobo now. But, more on that launch later.

It's great to be back and I'm looking forward to sharing more about the authors I'm working with, the publishing process and my own journey as an author, editor, mentor and publisher. If you are working on a book (fiction, memoir or children's book) and would like some feedback, feel free to email me at For more information visit Happy writing!