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#MeToo Inspired Memoir Launches December 6 - International Day of Remembrance

Groping for Truth – My Uphill Struggle for Respect, a hard-hitting, unapologetic #metoo memoir, by 
Ontario-based author, Montaha Hidefi, will launch on December 6, 2018, National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

At the first beat of the #metoo drum, Hidefi knew she had to tell her story. “Riveting, raw and authentic,” according to one reviewer, this memoir shows the transformation of a mistreated young girl and battered woman who refused to succumb to the cycle of violence.

“It has been a roller coaster of all types of emotions,” said Hidefi, who was born and raised in Venezuela to Syrian immigrants, returned to Syria in her teens, and as an adult lived in the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands and now resides in Canada. “There were times when I could not continue writing or did not even want to remember the details of the events,” she recalls. “There are stories in the book that made me cry while I wrote them and even during the revisions.”

Encouraged by her husband and friends, Hidefi persevered. She felt the movement was long overdue. She had battled against sexual harassment and violence her whole life, no matter where she lived.

“The #metoo movement is one of the most powerful consequences of using social media for a good cause,” said Hidefi. “It has allowed many women and men to come forward and denounce the perpetrators. I now have hope today’s society is ready to hear our stories and believe that abuse, in any form, especially against women, is no longer acceptable.”

Hidefi knows how hard it is for someone who lives in shame, hiding the abuse, to open up and disclose events and emotions that have been buried for so long.

“We fear that people will not believe us, or if they did, we fear that they will say we have brought this upon ourselves,” said Hidefi. “We also fear the ridicule of a society that would say, ‘If that is true, why did you wait so long to disclose this? Why didn’t you speak up and denounce the abuser then and there?’, which we have seen happen recently.”

Groping for Truth, published by OC Publishing in Halifax, NS, will be available from online retailers and at select retail book stores. For more information visit

Book Blurb:
Montaha Hidefi’s Groping for Truth – My Uphill Struggle for Respect, is a gripping #MeToo movement-inspired memoir that recaps the staggering story of sexual harassment and violence she endured throughout her life. The abuse began at the hands of her own mother and people from her community and then followed her around the globe. The author’s pain is palpable as she recollects the rollercoaster of emotions of a childhood shattered by physical abuse and mental manipulation and decades of unwelcome sexual advances, groping and assault – even attempted murder. She shares her journey of grappling with the pain and internal demons that resulted in phobias and rebellion against old traditions.

This is the story of the transformation of a mistreated young girl and battered woman who refused to succumb to the cycle of violence and used the scars of childhood abuse as motivation to create a better life. Through sheer determination, Montaha pursued higher education and rose to the level of global executive, a victory over her abusers. It’s an inspiring story of love and perseverance in the quest for respect as a female in a male-dominated society.

“In my practice at a psychiatric hospital I see a lot of persons, most of them women, who have suffered a series of indignities. Sadly, if they keep identifying themselves with the unfortunate events and persist in portraying themselves primarily as a victim, they end up almost inevitably with a string of mental and physical ailments. The account of Montaha Hidefi’s journey of self-discovery and her yearning for self-respect should be a shining example to those who have suffered their share of sexual or psychological abuses so they can forge their identity in a different manner.” Robert Dubuc, registered clinician nurse, BFA, Douglas Hospital, Montreal, Canada

“Outstanding story! The inspiration is in believing in yourself and not taking the cruelty inflicted on you like a wounded animal. The author showed resourcefulness at a young age and sets an example for marginalized girls.” Sandra Leigh, speaker, author and coach specializing in relationship intelligence, Oakville, Canada

“Truly heartfelt and captivating from beginning to end. Montaha has a rare gift for writing that is seldom experienced.Mark Anthony Baker, author, An Unbreakable Spirit 

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