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Launching the 3rd in Little Girl in the Moon Series on the Full Moon in June


I'm so excited to announce that OC Publishing children’s author, Diann Floyd Boehm, will launch the third in her popular Little Girl in the Moon series on June 28th, the strawberry full moon. 
The Little Girl in the Moon – Moxie & Tycho Town, continues with the overarching theme of the series, we are all more alike than we are different,” says Boehm. “This was a concept I was brought up with at home and at school. I believe that we can make the world a better place by seeing the good in each other and learning from one another. I hope that my books get this message across.   
The second book in the series, The Big Idea, launched last year on UN International Day of Peace and, along with book one, has been well-received worldwide by children, parents and teachers. Boehm, who splits her time between Houston and Dubai, was featured on World Book Day recently as a visiting author at several schools in the United Arab Emirates.

‘‘All our children were totally mesmerized by The Little Girl in the Moon - The Big Idea. Diann has a wonderful aura that is so magnetic,” said Nosheen Saba, Librarian at Kings’ School Nad al Sheba. “She has been one of the most inspiring guest authors we have ever received, touching so many hearts!  We all loved Diann’s story time and can’t wait to welcome her back to our school again to learn about the characters in her new book The Little Girl in The Moon – Moxie & Tycho Town.”

Diann reading to a class as featured author in UAE during World Book Day

“I loved the illustrations because of all the bright and beautiful colours and I’m excited to find out what the illustrations will be like in the new book,” said eight-year-old Sebastian Kronnenberg.

The author, who enjoys abstract art, is also the illustrator of the series.

“In the first book the children loved how I used the phases of the moon to introduce the little girl who lives there,” said Boehm. “I’ve even heard that my artwork has given them the courage to try illustrating their own stories.”
Boehm says she’s even had parents call to thank her for inspiring their children. After a reading in one classroom a mother called and asked if she would have tea with her and her daughter, who now wants to be an author.
On days like that, I know my books are doing their job of making the readers smile and feel good inside,” said Boehm.
This book is particularly special to the author because she has entered into a creative partnership with a co-illustrator who happens to be her daughter, Katherine Louise Boehm. 
Katherine Louise Boehm
“I could have never dreamed when Katherine was born that a time would come that we would be working together on a book, much less illustrating together,” said Boehm. “She is an amazing artist. To work with her and have our relationship grow from mother/daughter to colleagues and collaborators has been a growth experience that I am enjoying immensely. I am always learning and inspired by her art, her techniques and her insights.”
In this book, the little girl narrates a tour of Tycho Town given by her dog Moxie.
“It's a fun way to introduce a new character, in this case a pet, and let the reader imagine what the little girl who lives in a crater on the moon looks like,” said Boehm. “The reader will also begin learning a part of the Moonling language.”
Diann Floyd Boehm

Boehm has more books planned for the series and says that the Tycho Town Observatory will play a major role in the next one.
All Little Girl in the Moon books, published by OC Publishing, are available online at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and Indigo/Chapters (Canada). Copies can also be ordered at local bookstores. For more on the author and illustrators visit,


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