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Ever Contemplated Your Life Loops?

Well, Happy New Year! I've had a very long hiatus, visiting family and friends over Christmas and am back! While I was home, I had the pleasure of attending a TEDxWomen event at my alma mater in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Mount Saint Vincent University. I was able to snag a ticket because I'm an alum and I felt very proud sitting in the audience listening to the inspirational talks that the local organizers had lined up. Here is my favorite I'd like to share with you. The funny and very talented, Holly Carr with 'Life Loops' (make sure you watch it in full screen):

Hope you enjoyed Holly's message... and talent! I'll be back soon with more on my writing and self-publishing adventures. I have lots to share :)


Anonymous said…
Looking forward to it! Happy New Year Anne!
Anne OConnell said…
Thanks Lynda! You too!

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