Sunday, 11 November 2012

Eating My Way Through Singapore

I thought I would do something a little different since I've been a little derelict in my blogging duties lately.  It's still in keeping with my mission to write about writing in that, I find that the pure act of exploring a strange (to me) Asian city on the hunt for the best street vendor, flogging the most compelling local dish, gives me so much experiential fodder to draw from when describing any sense in my writing - sight, sound, smell, taste (and even touch when attempting to successfully wield the series of utensils presented to us).  I attentively watch the locals who surround us and try to mimic their motions as they make it look so effortless and never end up with the spicey juices flowing down their chins, which is fortunate for them as there often seems to be a serious lack of materials with which to mop the drips from one's face!

So, here is a pictorial meander through the flavors of Singapore from a recent trip I took with my husband.  I threw in a few visual beauties at the end just for variety!

On our first day we stopped in a cavernous food court on Bugis Street and immediately followed our noses to this amazing bowl of chicken curry.  Two large Tiger beers were almost not enough to quench the thirst that followed after the sweat broke out on both our foreheads!  But, it sure was tastey!

We just stood here for a while and inhaled the blended aromas and beautiful presentation of this cornucopia of delicacies before we ordered.  We took advantage of all the gorgeous green and topped up our vegetables for the day.

The sight of this sign was enough to make us hold our breath and keep walking.  Not sure I'll ever need to write about the sensation of eating this!  My characters will just have to forgo the experience.

Fish Ball Soup!  Who knew how delicious fish balls could be?  That is, as long as you can get beyond the rubbery texture.  It is quite a skill to pick one of the slippery suckers up with chopsticks but we've got the maneuver down pat!

And... I'll leave you with just a few visual treats...

A very colorful refurbished building in the middle of Little India

Splashes of vibrancy abound amongst the vendors in the midst of Chinatown.

The Singapore Flyer lit up at night.

The Singapore skyline taken from Sky Park on top of the new Marina Bay Sands Hotel. 

So much eye-candy around every turn it literally took our breath away!  I can't believe the incredible pics my iPhone takes!  I even discovered how to zoom in on a shot with it and crop a photo once it's taken.  Learn something new every day!


Paddy said...

Now, I wonder what a PIG"S ORGAN would taste like?:-)
I loved your pics and the descriptions- what a wonderful riot of colours, textures and flavors!
I've been to Singapore some years ago, and your photos have rekindled all those old memories.
Tnx for giving such a memorable gastronomic journey!

Anne said...

Hi Paddy,
You're most welcome! It was exactly that... 'a riot of colours!' Well put. We had a lot of fun. Happy to have brought back some nice memories for you.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Great pics! :)

Anne said...

Thanks Lynda! Following your lead... I love the photos that you post :) The black & whites were fantastic!