Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Keeping up with the Penguins and Pixels

 One day a farmer, a panda and a penguin walk into a bar... Well, you know where this is going don't you?  It's no joke.  Things have changed - again.  The pixel size on your new Facebook timeline is having an identity crisis and the Google algorithm has gone north to catch webmasters practicing the dark art of Black Hat SEO and also target over optimization or web spamming.  The challenge has become to guess how they identify spam because there seems to be some differences of opinion between Google and the SEO experts. 

Changes in Social Media?  Of course!

I've finally resigned myself to getting used to it.  The only sure thing in life these days are death and changes in your favorite social media platform.  I really don't get why so many people keep resisting.  If you stand still and let moss grow in and around your feet you inevitably get left behind.  It's all about fresh and new and the smart folks are capitalizing on it by becoming experts like my Facebook hero Mari Smith (I just bought her new book that launched today, Facebook Marketing an Hour a Day), or social media guru Michael Stelzner.  They thrive on the change because it gives them fodder for yet another blog or book... otherwise known as, fresh content!

Free... and Easy?  Maybe not.  Cost effective?  Yes!

If you choose to make use of the amazing power of social media for your personal or professional life, hang on to your hats (black or white).  If you don't stay on top of it, you'll miss out on all the fun.  I remind myself that it's free (and being a solopreneur that's great for the balance sheet) so what do I really have to complain about? 

The key is to focus.  Along with the changes in my favorites there are always new 'cool' interfaces that crop up every day.  It's like being in Disney World.  You've got to do it methodically or you'll wind up wandering aimlessly or standing in lines one after the other and never actually enjoy the ride.  Just remember, as your stomach races up to your throat with the latest 'death drop', not far behind is that exhilarating adrenalin rush that comes from surviving the plunge.

So, I'm off now to make sure I haven't over optimized my website and maybe add some fresh content while I'm at it.  Happy Socializing!


Expat Forever said...

As a solo entrepreneur and mom, I completly agree with you.
First, it is useful to stay up to date for my writing business.
Secondly, it keeps you young and connected with the teens world (my nephews and niece) and I will have to keep doing it to understand what my daughters will be up too in a couple of years...

Anne said...

Very true! It was a friend of my nephew's who first invited me to 'become a friend' on Facebook about 6 years ago... and I never looked back. I tend to use my profile for family and close friends and have pages and groups (as well as a website and blog) for professional purposes. I LOVE what social media has done for us freelancers.
Happy writing!